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Life Skills

Connecting with people , not wifi

Building individuals who know more about real world, not the internet

Healthy kids happy kids

We want to create a future in which people are more active and health-conscious rather than sitting and addicted to screens. For this, we have a dedicated space called Kid’s Gym. When it comes to kid's gyms in Faridabad, Little Columbus is the only and best school.

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Caring like their own mother

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Best Play School in Greater Faridabad

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For us, science and maths can wait, but the development happening in the initial years requires the utmost importance. Little Columbus focuses on all these milestones.

To attain the status of the best play school in Greater Faridabad, we stand on three strong pillars, which are: healthy kids, happy kids, life skills, and the no-screen mantra, and we truly believe in them. We take pride in calling ourselves the best play school in Faridabad as we are unique.

We know that learning is a continuous process. It begins on the day you were born and continues until the very end. Etiquette, behaviour, language, and much more are all taught to a child. But do we ever consider that by educating in the same old way, we are stressing a young and delicate mind?

Color, texture, forms, and pictures are the first things a baby or toddler knows, and this is what we do at Little Columbus School, which makes us the best play school in greater Faridabad. We teach, or rather, we make them understand many concepts through the medium of art, because a young mind enjoys drawing and painting, playing with clay, and scribbling. Preschool (ages 3–6) will become a vital part of school education by 2021, according to NEP 2021, which implies we must strengthen our roots. We pay more attention to a child’s early years after their pre nursery admission in Faridabad.

We include alphabets, languages, numbers, counting, colours, shapes, indoor and outdoor play, puzzles and logical thinking, problem-solving, drawing, painting, and other play-based, activity-based, and inquiry-based learning, including alphabets, languages, numbers, counting, colours, shapes, indoor and outdoor play, puzzles and logical thinking, problem-solving, drawing, painting, and other play-based, activity-based, and inquiry-based learning. Visual art, craft, drama, puppetry, music, and dance are all examples of creative expression. It also contains a development component. social skills, sensitivity, excellent manners, respect, ethics, personal and public hygiene, collaboration, and teamwork. The ultimate goal for all of us will be to achieve the best possible results in the classroom. Physical and motor development, cognitive development, and socio-emotional-ethical development are all topics to consider.

Little Columbus is a branch of the Grand Columbus International School situated for 25 years in the center of Faridabad. Being the best play school in Faridabad, our institution is known to satisfy the individual requirements of the kids since we are of the notion that no two children are similar to each other.

We believe in the holistic growth of the kids. Little Columbus happens to be the top pre school in Faridabad that is located in Greater Faridabad. It tries to make the journey of your kid from developing to becoming mature quite enjoyable.

Why go for Little Columbus?

Our school believes in three things, namely, healthy children, happy children, and life skills. It has helped us to become the best play school in NIT Faridabad right now. We believe in the non-screen mantra as well. Our institution is unique in every respect, and it allows us to become the top play school in Faridabad.

Even though math and science can wait, we are of the notion that it is essential to focus on the development taking place in the initial years. Our school, being the best play school in Faridabad, emphasizes these essential milestones.

According to our ideology, learning happens to be a continuous process. It goes on until the very last while starting on the day a child is born. We teach behavior, etiquette, language, and so on to a kid. However, it is a fact that a young and tender child will be stressed by imparting education to him in the same old fashion.

The initial things that a baby knows are texture, color, pictures, and forms. We do this at our institution which helps to make it the top pre school in Faridabad. Our instructors have lots of experience, and they teach the children lots of concepts using the medium of art. This is because they know that a child always enjoys painting and drawing, scribbling, and playing with clay.

We focus more on the early years of kids after they get their admission to pre-nursery in Faridabad. NEP 2021 implies that it is vital to fortify our foundations. According to them, preschool will become an essential part of education by 2021.

We include languages, alphabets, numbers, colors, counting, shapes, outdoor and indoor play, problem-solving, logical thinking, and puzzles, painting, drawing, and other types of activity-based, inquiry-based, and play-based learning, such as languages, alphabets, colors, shapes, counting, numbers, and so forth. Instances of creative expression happen to be visual art, drama, craft, music, puppetry, dance, and drama.

It likewise consists of a development component such as social skills, outstanding manners, ethics, respect, public and personal hygiene, teamwork, and collaboration. The good thing about our school is that our best play school in Faridabad fee is quite affordable.

Being the best play school in NIT Faridabad, our ultimate target will be to attain the best possible outcomes within the classroom. We also consider cognitive development, motor, and physical development, plus socio-emotional-ethical development.

In a nutshell, we, as the top play school in Faridabad, try our best to create a challenging and risk-free environment that enjoyably stimulates innovativeness. If you would like to get more information, then please feel free to visit at the earliest.