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Our Philosophy

Education, beginning at a young age, is more important today than a century ago in terms of holistic development. The development of a child's intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social abilities is one of the important phases of children's lives. As youngsters develop new capabilities to think, solve problems, and communicate, it's important to be aware of these milestones and the critical age up to which they can develop.

From being in the womb to growing up in this world, health is the most important aspect of one's life. Physical activity should be a component of children's lives daily. And we strongly swear to this. Believing in the mantra ``healthy kids are happy kids``, we strongly affirm and stick to this like glue. We want to build a future where individuals are more active and conscious about their health than living a ``sitting and glued to screen life``.

Many parents use screens to keep their young children entertained or distracted while attending to other demands in today's digital and media-driven society. But do screens affect young brains? Yes, they do. At Little Columbus, we believe in making the journey productive yet fun. One of the mantras of our school is ``connecting to a real world, not the wifi``, and we strongly adhere to this

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy upon which Little Columbus is based is a lot different and solely depends on children. Unknowingly, we put our kids in the academic rat race and expect them to come first in it. We believe that Maths and English are important, but right now, it’s the time to focus on different life skills like social, motor, physical, communication, problem-solving, and many more. This is what holds all the power and will make you the cream of the crop.
For us, it’s not about getting into a good school or good college, it’s about living a good life and we believe in nurturing individuals like that. As emphasized by National Education Policy, we have put our focus on building the physical strength of children by promoting sports among the curriculum. The NEP recommends the integration of sports or incorporating physical activities into curriculum, to help students improve their cognitive capacities while also improving their physical and psychological well-being. Our school believes that each child is unique and to embrace that uniqueness and individuality, we pay attention and mould ourselves according to them in the pedagogical methods.
We create a safe, challenging environment that encourages innovation while also stimulating the imagination in a fun and innovative way. Uninterrupted creativity develops in an environment that encourages children to take risks in all aspects of their development and allows them to collaborate and communicate with peers and adults through interactions and connections.



During the first few weeks of pre-school, the young kids face the most difficult obstacle of being separated from their families for a few hours. It is the first time the child has been away from their comfortable and secure home surroundings. So he cries a lot, refuses to attend school, refuses to mingle with other students, and is upset. When it comes to arriving at school, pre-scholars often hesitate and feel insecure. In the beginning, children have difficulty making friends in class. They had been alone until now, but now they must learn to function as a team and face new challenges.
Also, Preschoolers are usually fed by their parents at home. As a result, they may find it difficult to eat food in class on their own at first.


Little Columbus is well aware of the issues, and with this in mind, we have reduced the length of school days for our pupils. We also provide a secure, warm, and loving environment for them. For them, our teachers are like mothers. We collaborate on the concept of ``Home away from Home``. Teachers at Little Columbus assist them in becoming acquainted with their classmates. We arrange group activities in which they all work in small groups with each other's assistance and cooperation. Little Columbus teachers, in conjunction with the fully trained nanny in the class, personally attend to their pupils' needs and assist them in eating their lunch. However, they progressively assist the infant in feeding themselves.