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What are life skills And, why they are important

What are life skills? And, why they are important?

“When life takes your exam out of school, it doesn’t take subject wise.”

I am sure you have heard about this quote many times, but what does it want to convey? If not on a subject-by-subject basis, on what basis does life take the exams? Have you ever wondered why there are so many activities integrated into the curriculum for pre-schoolers? Through all these activities, an important aim has been fulfilled for students’ lives, which can become the jewel in their crown in the future. All those activities ranging from dancing to singing to drawing to playing, everything is done in order to inculcate LIFE SKILLS among children. But what are these life skills? And why are they important?

A set of basic skills acquired through study and/or direct life experience that enable individuals and groups to effectively handle issues and problems faced in everyday life is referred to as life skills. Consider life skills to be the foundation or framework that enables pupils to apply what they learn in school to real-world challenges and situations. The ability to think abstractly and approach problems from numerous angles to discover practical answers, as well as the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, are equally as vital as technical knowledge in a particular field or academic subject in a professional environment.

Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, the ability to communicate and collaborate, as well as personal and social responsibility that contribute to good citizenship – these are all important skills for success in the twenty-first century, both for healthy societies and for successful and employable individuals. Every student study to get good grades and wants to eventually land a good job, but many still don’t get the job they want. Let’s take an example from Covid times. When the pandemic hit our country, many people lost their jobs, but what makes certain people retain them? It’s the life skills that they possess that make them different from all others, or we can say that life skills give them the upper hand.

Children’s experiences teach them critical life skills such as independent thinking, how to socialise and make new friends, and how to respond in situations where their parents or instructors are unavailable to assist or interfere (dealing with a bully or personal insecurities and fears, for example.) Executive function and decision-making skills, unlike motor skills and fundamental intelligence, are acquired rather than innate. “In a continuously changing environment, having life skills is a crucial aspect of being able to manage the challenges of everyday life,” according to Macmillan Education. Over the last five years, major developments in global economies have been mirrored by technological transformations, all of which have an impact on education, the workplace, and our personal lives.” Students require new life skills, such as the ability to deal with stress and frustration, to cope with the growing pace and change of modern life. Over the course of their careers, today’s kids will have a variety of new occupations, each with its own set of constraints and requirements for flexibility.

Working with children early in their development to set the foundation with examples that they can grasp and use on their own is a smart place to start in order to help them develop problem-solving and reasoning abilities. However, most children do not learn how to deal with real-life problems until they reach high school. Don’t wait till your children are teenagers to instill  life skills in them. So, if next time your children extend their hands to help you or are in some decision-making situations, encourage them to do that and come up with solutions. Also, enroll them in a school where life skills are held in high importance and they will be placed on the throne.

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