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Top 10 Best Play Schools in Faridabad for Admissions 2022-2023

Top 10 Best Play Schools in Faridabad for Admissions 2022-2023

Play School is where your child goes through development and grooming up in their initial years. This is where children spend their time with their fellow peers and teachers to grow emotionally and socially, and it is the first time they spend time with people other than their parents.

You must do your research before selecting the playschool for your child because it is an essential part of their life. The right pre-school will help your child build their personality and communication skills. The skilled and experienced teachers will bring about the correct methods of training your child and taking care of their needs.

If you are anywhere near the Faridabad area, then look for only the top play school in Faridabad for your child. Only the right place will nurture your child to become confident and kind.

What is the importance of Play Schools?

At Playschools, children learn to communicate and transform their mental images into languages. They get exposure to various new things, and they learn to grasp knowledge and develop physical coordination and motor skills. They will learn to befriend other children, talk to people in social situations, and learn to discuss their problems and ideas.

Play Schools implement several ideas to conduct playful activities to educate your children. Children learn to find answers to numerous questions through experimentation, conversation and exploration and are guided to play in a purposeful environment created by their teachers. This environment nourishes the natural curiosity so that they are always eager to inquire.

This is when their cognitive development happens, and they understand the importance of behavioural development during their early years. It has been scientifically researched and proven that if a child’s early experiences are developmentally sound, consistent, positive and emotionally supportive, it affects their life positively and gives them a joyful experience of learning and discovery.

Children who go to an excellent pre-school are usually better at social skills, have fewer behavioural concerns and do not require special attention for better grades. They gain self-confidence by learning playfully.

Top 10 Play Schools in Faridabad

As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that our children are getting the proper education and going through positive development in their early years. You will find many Play Schools in the area you live, but only the top schools will be responsible enough to create a healthy environment for your child and work towards their overall development. Hence, select the top school for your child and ensure their proper training.

Given below is the list of the top pre-schools in Faridabad where the well-being of your child is guaranteed. The ranking of these Play Schools is based on their facilities, infrastructure, fees, faculty, and other significant factors.


  • Little Columbus



Little Columbus is the kindergarten part of the Grand Columbus International School that has been in existence for more than 25 years. The top play school in Faridabad believes in creating a future where people are more active and health-conscious rather than being addicted to screens. They have a dedicated space called a kid’s gym where children are taught to be active and handle difficulties. They teach your kids fun activities where they learn expression and language.


  • The Champs



The Champs is a pre-school that offers exposure to an integral part of the Indian cultural heritage. Qualified coaches and teachers are available on campus. The conductor conducts various activities like art and craft, yoga, personality development, computers, aerobics, skating, dance and communication development.


  • Bloomz 



Bloomz has four branches that are spread across Faridabad. Their campus is safe, comfortable and has a positive environment for the kids to experience natural learning. They offer a holistic education approach to provide education at a grassroots level.


  • Little Birds Play School



The Little Birds Play School has employed experienced staff to take care of the kids and guide them towards their well-being. They conduct multiple extra-curricular activities, which make learning fun for your children. They offer a safe and healthy environment.


  • Sparkles Kindergarten Preschool



At Sparkles Kindergarten Preschool, teachers emphasize the complete development of your kid. They conduct age-appropriate activities and meet the unique needs of the children. A huge playground is available on campus, and various activities like dance, summer camping, personality development, etc., are conducted.


  • Bachpan A Play School



They offer a nationwide network of over 900 branches and contain an excellent team of educators from around the country. They provide the best innovations in education and child care. Their teaching program includes innovative learning methodologies and retains Indian culture.


  • Tiny Tots Nursery School



The Tiny Tots Nursery School is another top play school in Faridabad that has employed experienced staff to meet your child’s requirements. They make the learning journey fun and engaging through many extra-curricular activities.


  • Dudes and Dolls



Dudes and Dolls is a great pre-school with an impressive campus that is fully equipped with everything needed to meet the requirements of a child at the pre-school age. The campus is spread over an area of 12000 feet.


  • Sai Sanskar



The Sai Sanskar is an inspiring ultra-modern playschool that mixes technology with modernity. They provide world-class facilities in Play stations, IT and much more, and pick up and drop facilities are also available.


  • Shriram Millennium School



The Shriram Millennium School has a vast green campus with the perfect setting for a peaceful and pollution-free environment. They believe that every child is unique and strive to offer them a platform to discover their talent. They create awareness in students and give them experiences that they can apply in real-life situations.

Your search for the top pre-schools in Faridabad ends here. Please choose the right pre-school for your child and give them the world-class facilities they deserve.


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