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10 Best Play Schools in Faridabad with Fee Structure 2022-2023

10 Best Play Schools in Faridabad with Fee Structure 2022-2023

Playschools play an essential role in developing your child as a grown individual. A good Play School will boost your child’s confidence and prepare them for their academic journey, and it will help enhance your child’s personality and teach them to be in social situations.

It is our role as parents to ensure proper education for our children. The first step towards their education is picking the right playschool for them. This is the first place children spend their time away from their parents and get to be in a social situation with other children of the same age. Find the best Play Schools in Faridabad for your kids to ensure their proper education.

How to choose the right Play School for your children?

Parents need to consider essential factors before picking the right playschool for their children. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the environment is safe and student-friendly because your kid’s safety should be the topmost priority. Parents also need to consider the quality of teachers present at the school and make sure that they are cooperative and care for the child’s needs. You need to ensure that the school conducts extra-curricular activities and academic activities.

This is a modern world where everything is becoming technologically advanced. Hence, the school you choose should be well-equipped with modern facilities for smooth and proper education. Another critical factor is to know the fee structure. A right playschool should charge responsibility according to the facilities they provide and should not be unnecessarily expensive.

The Top 10 Best Play Schools in Faridabad

If you are from anywhere near the Faridabad area, we have the top best Play Schools in Faridabad for you listed here from which you can choose according to your requirements. These schools offer the best facilities to your children and ensure their overall development.

The list below is based on the quality of education these playschools provide and the fee structure.

  • Little Columbus

Little Columbus is the top pre-school in Faridabad that offers high-quality education. Their goal is to educate children to be active and health-conscious.

Location: 155, SECTOR-15-A, Near Gymkhana Club, Faridabad

Fees: ₹ 667 per month

  • The Champs

The school is famous for its quality education and outstanding curriculum. They offer excellent education and training.

Location: 1199 Sainik Colony, Sector 49, Near Gate No. 1 Sainik Colony, Faridabad

Fees: ₹ 26,500 per month

  • Bloomz

At Bloomz, it is believed that a strong foundation is the key to success and children are kept in a caring environment where their moral habits and imagination is nurtured.

Location: SECTOR – 14, Faridabad

Fees: ₹ 6,250 per month

  • Little Birds Play School

It is another one on the list of the best Playschools in Faridabad that provides high-quality education at affordable prices.

Location: F-267, K.C. Badhkal Road, NIT, Near Patel Chowk, Faridabad

Fees: ₹ 1,000 per month

  • Sparkles Kindergarten Preschool

Sparkles Kindergarten is also an excellent school for your child where teachers are highly encouraging and take care of the students’ basic needs.

Location: SCF 12, Ashoka Enclave Sector 35, Main Market, Faridabad

Fees: ₹ 2,100 per month

  • Bachpan A Play School

Bachpan is a prominent preschool educator that has been serving young minds for many years. They are determined to make education innovative and inspiring.

Location: 1A/45 C, Neelam Bata Road, NIT New Industrial Township, Faridabad

Fees: ₹ 2,000 per month

  • Tiny Tots Nursery School

Here at Tiny Tots Nursery School, Good quality education is catered to students via playful activities and engaging games.

Location: 5F / 42-A, Block F, New Industrial Twp-5, New Industrial Town, Faridabad

Fees: ₹ 1710 per month

  • Dudes and Dolls

This school has an inspiring, stimulating and caring environment to develop individuals with a strong sense of integrity and have the capacity to reach their fullest potential.

Location: 182-P Sector 48, Near Badhkal Chowk, Faridabad

Fees: ₹ 10,000 per month

  • Sai Sanskar

It is an ultra-modern preschool where children are served international quality of education along with Indian values. They provide an excellent and unique blend of technology and academics.

Location: A-91 Ashoka Enclave-II, Sector 37, Faridabad

Fees: ₹ 2,500 per month

  • Shriram Millennium School

It is another prestigious name in the top preschools in Faridabad that provide children with the perfect setting for learning in a pollution-free environment.

Location: Sector 81, Faridabad

Fees: ₹ 11,333 per month

Importance of Pre School</b

A play school is a place where activities are designed for little children to develop their physical coordination and provide essential education. Students learn to develop a better understanding and ability to focus. There are several benefits of preschool education.

  • In playschools, children learn by playing and develop a strong sense of curiosity. Teachers conduct various activities that interest the kids and help in building a positive association with learning.
  • Children are presented with opportunities to learn to make friends, communicate and listen. They develop their foundational communication and behavioural skills.
  • They engage in various activities where they learn to coordinate with their peers. Children learn to face challenges and practice interpersonal problem-solving.
  • They learn to sing alphabet songs and rhymes that help them to distinguish between various sounds.
  • Playschools build foundations for maths and languages. Activities such as sorting, counting games, matching and board games help them develop an understanding of numbers and categories.
  • Teachers nurture their imaginations to fuel their learning and creativity.
  • They learn to participate in various activities and keep an open eye for things they are unsure of.
  • Through various activities, children learn to take care of one another and view themselves as a resource for others. They learn how to take charge and work in a team.
  • Scientists have found that preschool benefits a kid with significant development in the brain. Children that attend preschool education are less likely to drop out of school in future. They have lesser behavioural problems and are not likely to engage in any malpractices.

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